Skin Peeling after Micro Needling AKA Rejuvapen

Ok so micro needling AKA Rejuvapen, what is this?

Have you wanted to restore youth to your skin and don’t know how? Are you eager to improve the appearance of your stretch marks?  Does your skin have stubborn hyperpigmentation? Are you wanting an all over new glow for your dull skin? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to call 317-820-5288 (Pure Image Laser and Spa) and schedule your Rejuvapen session!

Rejuvapen AKA micro-needling is also known to many as collagen induction therapy. There are SOO many benefits to this procedure! The downtime is minimal but the result is OPTIMAL!

Side Effects to micro needling are needed in order to have your skin looking its best!

It is normal for your skin to peel for a few days after the treatment.  A few common acne breakouts are completely normal too! We recognize it can be a scary process because a peeling face isn’t all that attractive but remember you are out to get your skin beautified! This treatment will do that for you!

Rejuvapen uses needles to create a number of small punctures on your face and the body which will cause the body to immediately want to repair itself. This is where stimulating your collagen kicks into high gear! A new layer of skin is produced! The old saying, “Out with the old and in with the new!” In order to have your new skin shine through, we must get rid of the old.

Peeling is minimal and should only last a couple of days. Do you recall that last really bad sunburn you tortured your body with and the peeling from it? Voila — that is what you will be experiencing here. As much as you want to, NO PICKING! Allow the skin to naturally exfoliate. Remember to keep your face out of the sun too, your skin is new, like a baby! You wouldn’t stick your new baby outside without SPF or a hat! Treat your skin like your baby!  Your results will be a youthful, beautiful, tight, vibrant and GLOWING look!

After your procedure, you may also experience areas of a scab like texture. Again, this is completely normal. Depending on the depth level of your Rejuvapen the longer the recovery will be, but most will be fully healed in less than 10 days. If you have any concerns please follow up with us!

This procedure has MANY Positive benefits to it!

Allow Rejuvapen to assist your hyperpigmentation problem! As the skin sheds off hyperpigmented areas, new skin or normal melanocytes are produced to allow you to combat this skin problem.

Are age spots stressing you out? Rejuvapen minimizes age spot appearances on your skin, leaving you looking younger! 

Overall, Rejuvapen will improve your skin in its entirety. Improvement to wrinkles, scarring, facial lines and even stretch marks! Yes, Stretch marks! Rejuapen isn’t just for your face! Allow our highly trained staff to target those stubborn stretch marks all the while rebuilding your body confidence.  Generally, with peeling, there will also be better improvements when it comes to wrinkles, scars, face lines and even stretch marks. Remember, for that new beautiful to be highly visible, then the older skin on the surface needs to be shed off first. This just goes to say that instead of being worried, you should rejoice at the process and look forward to the exposing of

If you have any concerns with a Rejuvapen procedure, please do not hesitate to ask. We will gladly take the time to make you comfortable. When scheduling this service you should be celebrating and looking forward to improving your beautiful self!

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