Stem Cell Lift

pure image laser & spa

Just like dermal filler products, a Stem Cell Facelift can add volume back to your face to create a marked improvement to superficial fine lines, wrinkles and overall texture of your skin. The difference is, dermal filler products wear off over time, whereas a stem cell enriched procedure is permanent.

The stem cell lift is a complete facial rejuvenation procedure without involving any surgery. The procedure avoids any incisions and the actual were lifting of the skin itself. Pure Image Laser and Spa is one of the first spa’s to offer this service to clients. The function of the stem cell lift is to restore both the youthful contour and shape of the face as well as a marked improvement in skin quality, tightness and color irregularities caused by the aging process as well as exposure to the sun and environment.

Stem Cell Lift This rejuvenation facial will give you INSTANT results. Starting with firm, radio frequency to tighten your skin followed by micro-needling and topped off with your own stem cells! Amazing results with youthful looking skin in just 2-3 treatments.  This service is first to be offered here at Pure Image Laser and Spa! $700