Intimate Bleaching

One of the only spas in Indiana to offer professional intimate area lightening at Pure Image Laser and Spa.

Female Intimate Bleaching to intimate areas, underarms, and more. (Keep in mind when looking at pricing this is for 1 area. Female genitals and the anus are two separate areas, etc.)

Regular Rate: $425 Includes 3 Peels and a take home kit.
Additional Peels: $100 per area as needed for your lightening needs. 

VIP Upgrade: $335 with VIP Membership or $400 for additional service.

Additional Peels $85 per peel for VIP Members 

For more information, please email us @ 

Adding Pico Laser to your Intimate Bleaching needs can be discussed during your consultation for added benefit.

Pico Regular Rate with Intimate Bleaching Pkg or Peel $100/each

VIP Upgrade: $85 each treatment

Due to the nature of the areas we provide Intimate Bleaching on, we do not have before and after pictures available for distribution. We are confident in the product and results from this treatment.

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