Restore Facial Volume Loss

As we age past 29 years old we lose 1% of our collagen each year. By the time we are 45 years old we have lost up to 25% of collagen. Don't worry - this is a common occurrence with age! In an effort to make sure we are doing our best to assist you Sculptra® is used to thicken the skin in specific areas. Utilizing this treatment we can provide long-lasting improvements by increasing the skins elasticity.

Before and After

54 year old female treated with 2 vials of Sculptra. 4 weeks apart. Final pic is 8 weeks post procedure.

Before and After

50 year old female treated with 6 vials of Sculptra.


If you have a face you are a Sculptra candidate! Well, almost everyone! Sculptra is a fountain of youth in a vial. Placed via injection under the skin it stimulates your natural collagen to produce more! Think organic filler! 

It takes 30-90 days to begin working and seeing results that can last 2-3 years!

Schedule your consultation today to see what is best for you! 

1 Vial | $800

2 Vials | $750 each

4 or more Vial | $700 each

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