Massage Therapy

Heal Your Body With Rejuvenating Massage Therapies

At Pure Image Laser and Spa, you can experience customized and affordable massages that are good for the body.

The Benefits

Massage is more than a stress relief solution and luxurious relaxation activity. This is a form of therapy that shouldn’t just be saved for rare occasions because of the health benefits it has.

Aside from alleviating stressors in our body, massage can:

  • Relieve Headaches
  • Treat Physical Conditions
  • Improve One’s Flexibility
  • Lower Blood Pressure

The prices listed are full spa rates. The upgraded price for VIP members is between $0 - $90 with the use of a membership.

30 Minute Signature Massage is available to VIP Members Only. Membership includes the choice of a 30 Minute Signature Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage or Aromatherapy Massage. Longer duration would require an upgrade. 

The Signature massage with the addition of therapeutic essential oils. The oils are selected based on your individual goal. Oils can be used to help improve mood, reduce anxiety, relieve sinuses, and aid in pain management.

30-Minute Session VIP Members ONLY
60-Minute Session $120 | VIP $35
90-Minute Session $160 | VIP $70

Add to any massage $15 | VIP $10

Indulge in the firm, broad, consistent pressure delivered by the therapist’s feet. Long flowing strokes assist in elongating shortened muscles and increasing circulation. A combination of barefoot techniques are used to comfortably decrease pain and improve posture.

60-Minute Session $115 | VIP $50
90-Minute Session $155 | VIP $90

A modified version of traditional Thai massage combining Ashiatsu and Thai techniques. This bodywork incorporates gentle rocking, compression, and passive stretching. AshiThai takes place on the table with the receiver wearing comfortable athletic clothing.

60-Minute Session $110 | VIP $45
90-Minute Session $150 | VIP $85

A therapeutic massage using a THC-free cannabidiol (CBD) oil. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates numerous bodily functions. CBD is known for having pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

60-Minute Session $120 | VIP $35
90-Minute Session $160 | VIP $70

Add to any massage $15 | VIP $10

Different sized cups are used along the body to lift and separate tissues, drain fluids, and promote physiological function. The suction created aids in breaking up scar tissue, releasing solid bloat, or toning the underlying tissue. This technique can reach deeper layers comfortably, while gently promoting relaxation.

60-Minute Session $115 | VIP $35
90-Minute Session $150 | VIP $65

Great for chronic pain, this massage uses medium to firm pressure to work through different depths of soft tissue. The slow, focused, techniques address multiple layers of muscular tension.

30-Minute Session VIP Members ONLY
60-Minute Session $125 | VIP $35
90-Minute Session $155 | VIP $70

Discover deep relaxation with heated basalt and river stones. The pressure and heat encourage
blood flow throughout the body, reduces stress, and eases muscle tension allowing the practitioner to work deeper.

60-Minute Session $115 | VIP $35
90-Minute Session $150 | VIP $65

Special care is given to the mother-to-be throughout her pregnancy to promote a healthy, happy development. Extra attention is given to areas of discomfort, while relieving mental and physical fatigue.

60-Minute Session $110 | VIP $25

Reflex points are stimulated according to the East Asian reflexology mapping. Often used for relaxation, relief, stimulating reflex organs, and emotional wellness. This is a great service for those who love foot massage, are on their feet all day, or experiencing related pain or discomfort.

60-Minute Session $105 | VIP $25

A specialized treatment meant for athletes and performers. Focus is given to speeding up recovery and increasing physical performance. The massage therapist will examine joint function, joint mobility, and range of motion.

30-Minute Session VIP Members ONLY
60-Minute Session $115 | $35
90-Minute Session $150 | VIP $65

A combination of relaxation and therapeutic techniques allowing the body to destress and unwind. The light to moderate pressure helps the body and mind comfortably relax while easing aches and pains along one or two trouble areas.

30-Minute Session VIP Members ONLY
60-Minute Session $105 | $25
90-Minute Session $145 | $60
120-Minute Session $175 | VIP $75

Interactive bodywork performed fully clothed on a padded mat. This energizing experience consists of assisted poses, passive stretching and gentle compression along energy (sen) lines. These movements help the structure and flexibility of the body while stimulating internal organs and energy pathways.

60-Minute Session $105 | VIP $40
90-Minute Session $145 | VIP $80

Bamboo tools are gently warmed and rolled along the body. The heat relaxes the nervous system allowing a deeper sense of relaxation. The warmth combined with varying pressure eases areas of stiffness.

60-Minute Session $115 | VIP $35
90-Minute Session $150 | VIP $65


Massage Add ons

Make sure to add on amazing benefits with extra time!
Back Treatment $45 | VIP $25
Foot Treatment $40 | VIP $20
Hand Treatment $40 | VIP $20
Reflexology $65 | VIP $45
Scalp Massage $40 | VIP $30

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