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Unleash your true beauty potential with Pure Image Laser and Spa. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and tattoos that no longer reflect who you are. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals, tailoring each treatment plan to suit your unique needs. Feel confident in our expert care and let us guide you on your journey towards self-love and empowerment. Contact us today and experience the transformation you deserve.

Unveil your true beauty with the expertise of Pure Image Laser and Spa. Our state-of-the-art laser treatments will transform your skin and leave you feeling confident and radiant. Say goodbye to unwanted hair, tattoos, age spots, and more. Trust Indy's best medical-grade spa to provide exceptional care tailored to your needs. Book your appointment today for a rejuvenating experience you won't forget.

Pure Image Laser and Spa Laser Services

Laser Hair Removal

Unleash your true beauty with Pure Image Laser and Spa! Our cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals are here to help you say goodbye to unwanted hair for good. Experience the freedom of smooth, hair-free skin with our effective laser hair removal treatments that eliminate 80 to 90% of hair follicles. Say hello to a confident, carefree you. It is time embrace a life without razors! Click to read more about laser hair removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Unleash your true skin with confidence! Our laser tattoo removal service is here to help you bid farewell to those unwanted tattoos. With our state-of-the-art technology and skilled technicians, we ensure a safe and effective removal process. Let us be your partner on this transformative journey towards a clean canvas. Book your consultation today and embrace a fresh start! To learn more about tattoo removal, click here.

Hyperpigmentation & Age Spots

Our skin faces many stressors each day. When we add on lifestyle choices, aging, sun exposure, computer UV Light, and your general overall health our skin takes a beating! One way to regain that beautiful radiant skin is with a fotofacial. This treatment helps with  rosacea, broken capillaries, hyperpigmentation and other skin imperfections! Click to find out more about IPL treatments.

LED Light Therapy

One of the most sought after treatment add ons to practically every service we have at the spa is LED Light Therapy! This device is good for ALL Skin Types and can treat the body from head to toe!

Light therapy promotes collagen production, removes redness, reduces inflammation, circumferential reduction, improves the appearance of pigmented and vascular lesions, treats acne and more.  Click to read more about LED Light Therapy.

Laser Resurfacing

Ready for a fresh start? Say goodbye to sun damage and hello to youthful, radiant skin with our cutting-edge Laser Resurfacing treatment at Pure Image Laser and Spa. Harnessing the power of advanced technology, our skilled team will safely and effectively remove sun-damaged skin, revealing a smoother, more vibrant complexion.

Experience the transformative effects of stimulating new skin growth, as fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven texture fade away. Reveal your inner glow and regain your confidence with our Erbium Laser Resurfacing. To learn more, click here.

Skin Tight

Using heat and radio frequency skin tight helps to tighten the skin. A series of multiple treatments are needed. 

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